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Artificial Turf Maintenance

Artificial grass and synthetic turf putting greens do not require any maintenance, right? After all, they are plastic, right?? That may be what your salesperson told you, but I am afraid that is an incorrect statement. No matter what climate you live in, anything that stays outdoors 24-7-365 does require some light maintenance, if you want that item to continue to look decent over time and or perform as it is intended. Artificial turf is no exception. All turf, whether artificial grass, a dog run, a putting green, a sports field, bocce ball court, you name it – if it is artificial, it will need some light maintenance. Just a few minutes per week (or as needed) can go a very long way in keeping your turf looking and performing as intended for the life cycle of the product. Simple things like blowing the turf off as needed with a leaf blower removes the leaves, sticks and sometimes the pine needles and prevents that stuff from getting down into the fibers.

Turf itself is a sealed fiber and does not absorb moisture. However, organic debris that falls down into the turf can rot, mold and or mildew over time. The more organic material that falls on your turf, the more frequently you should be blowing it off. Fluffing the turf up and or raking the turf or using a power broom on the turf will also help tremendously. Often-times pine needs will not blow off of a putting green easily. This is where one of our electric power brooms comes in handy! (you can buy one for next to nothing from us). Sometimes the fibers in the artificial grass may be laying over as a result of heavy foot-traffic or snow-pack. Using a plastic leaf rake, OR one of our electric power brooms, will do a GREAT job of lifting that organic material out of the turf as well as helping to “fluff up” the turf fibers.

For putting greens, we do strongly suggest that they NOT be covered with a tarp or plastic at ANY time. Cold, snow and ice have really no ill effect on turf but rather strong UV rays and trapped moisture from a cover CAN cause problems. Turf needs to breathe, the water in the stone base and the turf needs to be able to transpire back into the air and if it is covered, that cannot happen. The only other thing we suggest with a putting green is to roll it in the spring when winter is over. This will help to smooth-out any bumps in the green that may have developed with the ground freeze/thaw, flatten out turf and make the green roll faster. This can be done by buying a water-filled sod roller from Home Depot for about $125, or, you can call us for a quote on a “spring spruce up” which includes blowing, powerbrooming, adjustment of any cups, checking all seams and nails, adding any infill if needed and rolling the green. We want you to be thrilled with your investment for years to come and a little light maintenance will go a long way in achieving that goal Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have regarding maintenance and a price on performing maintenance to your green or lawn.

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