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Can turf be installed over dirt?

No, it cannot. Due to the porosity of artificial grass and putting greens, turf needs to be installed over a base of compacted stone, generally crusher fines at least 3”-4” deep for lawns and 5”-6” deep for putting greens. If installed over dirt, you will have mud under your turf that will never dry.


Does turf get hot?

Yes, artificial grass, putting greens, dog turf, fields can all get extremely hot. HOWEVER, our new turf does have heat reductions technology which makes it about 35% cooler than our competitor’s turf.


Is turf maintenance free?

Despite what some sales people tell you, ALL artificial turf does need some light maintenance from time to time to keep it looking good and performing like it did in year 1. Blowing off debris with a leaf blower, raking the turf or using one of our electric power brooms really helps!


Does turf have lead in it?

ALL U.S. made turf no longer has lead in it. Most of the turf in the world these days is lead-free but to be 100% sure, we only sell American Made turf so we rest easy knowing your turf is safe for you, your family, your pets, your school, etc.


How long does this stuff last?

Truthfully, it is a form of “plastic” so turf will last for decades.


How long will the turf look and perform well?

That all depends on how much light maintenance you do, how much traffic the turf gets, etc. On average, artificial lawns last about 15-20 years and artificial greens last about 10 – 15 years before the turf should be replaced.


Will my dog tear this up?

Despite what many people think, dogs want no part of eating turf. The diggers stop digging after awhile when they realize they are getting nowhere. The turf is securely attached to the stone base and the dogs cannot get it up. We have had just about every dog imaginable on the turf and in most cases, multiple dogs share a space.


Will the urine and other stuff from dogs stain or burn the turf?

This is a very common question and the answer is ‘No”. The turf is a sealed fiber and it will not absorb moisture (lawn turf anyway). The turf will stand up to ANYTHING that comes out of a dog’s body.


Will my turf smell like my dog (pee)?

The true answer is, “it can, if not installed properly and with the right products”. We use an antimicrobial “infill” called Envirofill, which filters the urine as it passes through it which dramatically helps.


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