Synthetic Ivy

At All Things Turf, you will find solutions for all applications. Our Synthetic Ivy brand is best in class and is great for chain link fences, A/C enclosures, rooftop walls, and covering up "eye sore" spaces.

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Landscape & Practice Elements

Artificial Ivy Small Leaf 

Global Syn-Turf Artificial Ivy offers instant privacy, safety & beauty. Artificial Ivy will transform any ordinary structure into a beautiful maintenance-free space. Artificial ivy covers unsightly views while providing lush greenery year after year. Perfect for front yards, backyards, balconies, decks, pools, hot tubs, restaurants, cafes, real estate staging, apartments, rentals, special events and more.

Additional Amenities

Artificial Ivy Medium Leaf

Artificial Ivy Privacy Panels by Global Syn-Turf add a green, lush, dense natural look that instantly screens a fence or wall. It creates a thick hedge of always green ivy without upkeep. Use Global Syn-Turf's Artificial Ivy Medium Leaf to form realistic greenery to hide your garbage can area, build privacy wall to your patio, to add curb appeal to your property by concealing an ugly fence. Just tie or otherwise affix the Artificial Ivy Privacy panels to a fence, wall, or yard screen. This decorative fencing features dark green fabric leaves on sturdy plastic netting that attach easily to most outdoor structures.

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