Synthetic Turf Tee Lines

While natural grass tee lines can quickly become beat up with divots and bare spots, Tour Greens Denver can provide your facility with a synthetic turf tee line solution that stands up to consistent use, while retaining the look, feel and performance of natural grass.

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Year-Round Performance

Tour Greens artificial turf tee lines deliver a clean, consistent, low-maintenance surface that lasts for years to come. The Denver team will work with you to select the right tee line turf system that both you and your members will love.

  • Reliable in all climates
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Less downtime due to weather or maintenance
  • Can last up to 8 years with proper care
  • 5 year UV warranty and 1 year wear warranty
  • Custom designed to fit your facility and needs

Turf Styles

Ultimate Tee

With 110 oz. of nylon fiber, this dense, natural-feeling surface lets you use real tees and provides realistic feedback on every shot. 


Champion Tee

Built with a similar density but with lower-cost polypropylene fiber, this tee material provides realistic feel in any season and will hold a tee.



Continuous Tee Line

  • Ultimate Tee for the most forgiving feel
  • Champion Tee for the best durability
  • Allows you to set the tee line anywhere
  • Clean, simple look
  • Can be cut at any length with suggested widths of 7½' or 5'


Replaceable Hitting Strip Station

  • Ultimate Tee hitting strips and nylon stance mat
  • Creates clearly defined hitting stations
  • Stance mats provide the most stable platform available in synthetic turf
  • Most economical option
  • Hitting strips can be replaced easily and affordably
  • Double the life of your tee line with 2" hitting strips


Ultimate Tee Mats with First Cut Surround

  • Ultimate Tee 5'x5' hitting mats with Superlawn 1st Cut border
  • Clearly defined hitting stations for uniformity in daily set up
  • Easily rotated to maximize the life & quality of hitting area
  • Easily rotated to maximize the life & quality of hitting area

Sub-Base Options

We have all hit balls at driving ranges that had artificial turf mats or tee lines. The challenge with most tee line turf materials has always been the compaction that occurs of the sand infill particles as they break down, resulting in a very hard and uncomfortable hitting surface. These surfaces can be very painful on wrists and elbows during warm up or extended practicing sessions.

STI has an incredibly soft, yet durable product we call Tee Line Turf. This is a very realistic turf that does not require any sand infill which means it will not compact and will remain soft and playable for years. Iron shots are played with ease and it will take a regular tee; no more rubber tees needed. For those that like the rubber tees, a hole can be cut from the backside for a rubber tee to be inserted. The only maintenance necessary is to blow it off from time to time.

Compacted Stone

Standard excavations are typically done with loaders that operate quickly and cause minimal damage to the existing surroundings. 

Asphalt Pad

Once the land has been cleared, workers prepare the soil base with a compacting machine.  Some contours and undulations are built into the green at this time.  After the soil is compacted, a geotextile sheet is placed over the area to provide stability and integrity to the green.

Concrete Pad

Once the soil layer is compacted and the Geotextile is installed, we add a two-layer base of compacted crushed stone and stone dust.  During this process, we can build in additional shapes and contours to the green.

Modular Panel Base

Once the base is prepared, the synthetic turf is laid and cut to the specifications of the design.  

Installation Process of Modular Base System Show Below:

Geo-Fabric over stone base

Cut panels to fit your size

Assemble base panels

Unroll turf

Cut straight edges for seams

Unroll seam fabric

Apply turf glue to fabric

Staple turf down to panels


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